twenty things i learned at twenty

a reflection of what the Lord has placed in my heart & mind at twenty years old.


  1. God bestows compounding grace.

  2. I am predestined into His family.

  3. He gives me the fruits of the Spirit; I just need to walk in them.

  4. His sovereignty is far greater than I could ever imagine, & that's dang good.

  5. it's okay to take things day by day.

  6. I think He delights when I pray the difficult things.

  7. He's walking with me through this life — taking the journeys with me.

  8. I clap to praise the Lord, not the worship band.

  9. He will prove Himself faithful to satisfy every longing of my heart.

  10. in baptism, we are buried just as He was in the grave, & we rise in newness of life, just as He did.

  11. He meets me where I am.

  12. to long for more is okay, but to miss out on my current season is not.

  13. my yearning for marriage echoes the Marriage to come.

  14. print! your! photographs! I fell in love with the darkroom for a reason.

  15. photography offers a tangible way for me to remember different seasons of my life.

  16. my definition of “making it” doesn’t look like the world’s.

  17. I love the west coast.

  18. common grace vs. saving grace.

  19. to claim that something existed before the Lord did is to suggest that He did not make all things, which He did. & that blows my mind.

  20. I take pictures primarily of people because it’s a gift to capture the ones made in His image.

Evelyn Sutton