the portland studio

"tell us why you want to use our studio & what your next project is"

That's the question I answered on a post from The Portland Studio back in May when they gave away a free, two hour session in their space in Portland, Oregon. Lately, I have been inspired by plants, & as I began to type out my answer, that was the first thing I noted that I wanted to use in their studio. As I continued to write my response, it was as though I was not the one writing anymore, but the Lord (what?!). As my fingers tapped letter after letter, I felt a surreal Peace saying, "You're going to get this, Evie." I immediately shook it off & told myself not to get my hopes up. There was no way I could win something like this, right?

 A couple months later I would have the opportunity to fly to Portland to visit my uncle with my family. On our third day in Portland, my family & I arrived at the studio at 8:45am. We walked up the stairs & I opened the door. To many, this place is probably just that to them -- a place with little significance. To me, it's a world where artists like myself can create in a space that offers a sleek & minimal look. It provides a place for inspiration to come to life & creativity to flow abundantly. I was in awe then, & I am in awe now with how the Lord shows His faithfulness to me in such a way as this. 

Evelyn Sutton