to it i run

Today I became more familiar with my desire to submit to a man that leads me to the Lord, & upon this thought, I became even more aware of my need to allow the Lord to prove Himself faithful to satisfy every longing of my heart. Even as a young girl, I had a yearning for a love that penetrated my core, a love planted so deep that it could not be shaken. 


Today I was my reminded, yet again, to stop searching in the wrong places. There is a Creator that looks to me and sees Jesus. He sees me with unveiled eyes, and He is working from glory to glory. I was reminded that everything I long for in an earthly man is already fulfilled in who He is, & He is mine. Oh my. He is mine, indeed. He walks with me. He sits with me. He leads me. He saves me. He teaches me. He encourages me. He is all-powerful, all-knowing, & He pursues me. If only I would always have this perspective. I am His bride. He is my satisfying, joy-giving, healing, redeeming, sanctifying King, yet His status does not separate us. For He sent His Son to bear the weight of my selfishness, my lust, my lack of self-control, my vanity, because His love for me is simply rooted that deeply. His love for me is wider than the span of my arms, far wider than the east is from the west. He asks me to live openly -- to look to Him & see the wide open field that awaits. 


So to it I run. I run into His wide open field & I am free --free from condemnation, from guilt, from shame. He doesn't see the mess I am & have been, but He sees me. He sees a daughter that's been broken & run down & walked on & He chooses her. He chooses me. He picks me up, dusts off my sundress & tangled hair, & He calls me beautifully & wonderfully made. "New," He calls me. BRAND. STINKIN'. NEW. Created in His image, formed from the dust, & used for His glory. He chooses me to be a part of the biggest movement the world has ever known, & some days I can barely muster out a "yes" & others I scream it from the rooftops. Even still, He is good. 

Evelyn Sutton